Why a british politician is buying his first Bitcoin

This week, former British politician, author, and more, Godfrey Bloom revealed his plan to buy his first Bitcoin. But why? Here are the three primary reasons that the former parliament member would consider investing in the leading cryptocurrency

By bittomine | 2020-10-05 14:52:44 |

Owining Bitcoin "is a must" says Jeff Booth

Bitcoin is a first of its kind financial technology born out of the Great Recession. It is designed specifically to be opposed to everything central banks stand for. It’s for those very reasons that The Price of Tomorrow author Jeff Booth be

By bittomine | 2020-09-20 18:47:31 |

DEFI is coming to QTUM

Blockchain smart contract network Qtum has become the latest ecosystem to woo Ethereum developers. Unlike many of its rivals, however, Qtum can boast compatibility with Ethereum’s EVM, meaning developers can port projects directly over. On Augu

By bittomine | 2020-08-23 18:16:28 |

The evolution of proof of stake

The concept of using Proof of Stake (PoS) as an alternative to Proof of Work (PoW) for securing crypto networks has been around for a long time now. It was Sunny King and Scott Nadal who first proposed PoS in 2012 as a more energy-efficient solut

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Crypterium launches new crypto payment card

Cryptocurrency adoption relies heavily on companies and services making digital currencies as easy to use as cash. Decentralized finance, and second-layer payment technologies have played prominent roles in widespread reach and acceptance of cryp

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