Bitcoin exchanges balances are down nearly 3 Billion USD

Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been caught within the throes of immense volatility in recent times, with much of this favoring the cryptocurrency’s buyers. In spite of this, the benchmark crypto has struggled to garner

By bittomine | 2020-05-18 21:11:37 |

Bitcoin should be higher than it is now

Bitcoin’s recovery over the past seven weeks has been nothing short of spectacular. From the $3,700 capitulation low, the lead crypto has gained over 100%, rallying by over $5,000 to $9,300 today. It’s a strong move that has liquidated doz

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Bitcoin is blowing up on Chinese Twitter

April 29th was undoubtedly one of Bitcoin’s biggest days in months. On this day, the cryptocurrency finally broke from its consolidation pattern under the $7,800 resistance in a strong fashion, reaching $9,000 at the trading session’s highs

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Why crypto may perform well in 2020

Crypto’s fundamental value has long been questioned by its cynics. They cite Bitcoin’s “slow” transaction speeds, the Ethereum DAO hack, and other “shortcomings” in the industry as reasons to claim that this asset class has no future.

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Central Banks and digital currencies

Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Laboure said that the major central banks that recently formed a think tank to explore digital currencies might take concrete actions within three years. The global pandemic is accelerating the process. COVID PANDE

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There’s never a dull day in the cryptocurrency world. The latest curious proposal to come out of the space is from an unlikely candidate. A nominee for CME Group’s board of directors Dante Federighi wants the company to start mining Bitcoin.

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